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Everything on Trashmouth Records has  been recorded & mixed here at the studio by South London brothers Liam & Luke May. Since 2013 we've been lucky enough to produce & release albums with our favourite artists, such as: FAT WHITE FAMILY; MADONNATRON; MEATRAFFLE; WARMDUSCHER; TAMAN SHUD; PIT PONIES; BAT-BIKE; CHUPA CABRA; PETER HARRIS feat. LEE SCRATCH PERRY & VIC GODARD; 

You can listen to it all here:

Producing records almost exclusively for the label for the last few years, we're now opening the doors of our studio to a wider range of artists.

Recording At Trashmouth Studios

It's all done with everyone in one room,  playing together live as much as possible. We have a range of vintage & modern gear - some classic, some quirky, including vintage API, Neve, Calrec & 1950's ex BBC valve preamps & Eq's; a nice selection of synths; a beautiful 1975 Ludwig drum kit; unusual vintage  amps & some interesting & unique effects units made of spring tanks & ancient reel to reel recorders. We also have 2 fully wired isolation booths, which are great for live vocals & extra amps if things get too loud. Most important part of the Trashmouth recording experience is we never leave the band sitting around getting bored while someone fiddles with knobs & cables, looking for some esoteric sound. It's all done fast & how bands do things naturally - in a room, feeling each other & playing. Simple as that

Read about recording Fat White Family in Sound On Sound magazine here:

Mixing & Overdubs

We've just completed a studio refurbishment, with acoustic design by the legendary Nick Whitaker. We've kept the original look & relaxed feel of the place that everyone seems to love, but there's more space for the bands & it all sounds A1, so happy to take on outside mixing projects  too. Something else that seems to work well is bringing half finished stuff in where the basic tracks are recorded, but they need more of an edge or something a bit quirkier doing & recording some overdubs with our gear. This worked great on some of the more recent Fat Whites stuff & Peter Harris' album was largely done that way too.

London studios are becoming rare as hen's teeth these days & since we've got a massive car park & it's only 20 minutes  by train from Waterloo, it's very handy for London based bands.

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